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Secure & Timely
IT Services.

Current IT offers single-point-of-contact IT services for all of your team's IT needs.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability


Partner Model

Server Maintenance

Technology Partners

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Services & Process

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Audit & Analysis

We start all new relationships by completing a thorough audit of where your business is at. We will audit your systems and network environment, interview stakeholders, and determine the best path to get you from where you're to where you want to be.

Business Proposal

Design & Proposal

Using your audit & analysis as the foundation, we will develop a proposal on what needs to be done, which may include hardware upgrades, patches, software implementations, and staff training.

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We will deploy our resources according to the proposal and ensure that all goals are achieved.

Phone Call

Ongoing Support & Ticket Management

One call does it all. Whether it's setting up a new employee, scheduled patch updates, or cyber security enhancement. Your team will be introduced to Current IT with the goal to funnel all IT related needs through our helpdesk from prompt resolutions.


IT networks and systems are growing increasingly more complex and expensive. Relying on parties to fix issues is a broken model - bringing in an integrated IT partner who proactively works towards your goals and provides ongoing consultative support is the solution.

Why the Current IT Integrated Partner Model?

  • Costs that scale with your ever-evolving business;

  • Predictable response times and team accessibility;

  • Experts that we source out, preventing you from having to hire for skills outside of your scope;

  • A 'one call does it all' partner that single-handily manages your entire technology environment.

Data Security

Data security importance cannot be understated. All it takes is one incident to cripple your operation, tarnish your brand, and cost significant resources. Current IT ensures that your data security plan is and stays current.

Vulnerability Assessments

Comprehensively exploring your entire IT environment to look for areas where hackers or exploits leave your systems vulnerable to bad actors

Securing Access

Leveraging your vulnerability assessment to resolve issues and ensure that your environment is as secure as possible.

Team Awareness Training

Working with your team to learn what types of activities put your systems at risk and documenting procedures for handling data.

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